Youth Protection Policy

BD Performing Arts is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for every constituent who participates in our organization. BDPA takes harassment and misconduct very seriously and has been actively working for many years to put the very best practices in place to insure the safety and well-being of everyone in our organization. We serve many young people of various ages and backgrounds, and we strive to be very clear about what is, and is not, acceptable behavior.

We have recently reviewed our existing policies and found they were completely relevant and up to date and being enforced to protect our students and staff as completely as possible. Since performing the audit, we have made additional changes and updates to our policies. We are committed to reviewing and updating policies as often as needed to make sure that our organization is as safe as it possibly can be for all of our constituents.

Download our youth protection policy

Read about our Safe Space Policy

Since 2011 when this policy was adopted, all members of our organization, including Board members, staff and volunteers, must read and become familiar with these policies and expectations. Members and staff must sign and agree to these policies before they interact with our organization in any significant way. And while it has been our policy for many years to perform background checks on all adults that have contact with our students, we recently instituted a change requiring ALL individuals affiliated with BDPA to undergo background checks.

The Board of Directors at BD Performing Arts welcome your feedback about BDPA policies on this topic. You may also report concerns to us at

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